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Milestone: the archive is complete

The resurrection of this web-site came in 4 parts:

  • Re-establish the database after the original ISP (not the one I use now) deleted everything when it was bought out by a rival
  • Clean out the malware that had accumulated in the site code while things were broken and update all the software to the latest revisions and security levels
  • Restore the lost database from a backup
  • Manually enter all the accumulated letters and essays that had been generated while the site was non-functional and could not, therefore, be entered as they were generated.

The first three things happened earlier, and that was celebrated weeks ago.

I have finally finished the last item.  Hence, from this point on there should be no more ‘archived’ entries popping up from earlier dates.  Everything going forward should be new and contemporaneous.

Assuming, of course, I keep up with it….

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