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The Nigel Tufnel of American Presidential Politics

I finally figured out what Vivek Ramaswamy reminds me of:

Lick My Love Pump

Anyone who is a fan of This is Spinal Tap will understand.  To those who aren’t — it’s too hard to explain.  You just have to watch it.

Vivek is like Nigel Tufnel…

He has these brief lucid intervals where he seems genuinely smart, thoughtful, and insightful, speaking intelligently and clearly about some complex issue.  You nod your head at his sagacity.  You find yourself listening, despite your doubts.  You want to believe in someone with that kind of honesty, directness, clarity, and courage…

And then, suddenly and without warning, he’s…   not!  He has reverted to type, to someone else entirely: an emotionally and morally stunted, intellectually challenged, self-aggrandizing metal-head (or tech bro) spouting simplistic and dangerous adolescent nonsense…


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