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This site is — as most personal Blogs are — a collection of thoughts from one particular person on issues that strike him as, in some way, interesting and/or important enough to justify the effort of writing about them. In general, I only post if it feels to me like my own viewpoint somehow diverges from what is to be found in popular discussion elsewhere. Also, I tend to work and re-work my posts until I’m sure that I’ve captured my thoughts precisely and thoroughly.

Hence, you can expect my updates to be somewhat sparse, somewhat longer and more complex than what you might find elsewhere, and (I hope) perhaps more thoughtful than a typical online rant.

I am unabashedly ‘conservative’ in my viewpoint — though I dispute the meaning of ‘conservatism’ that is portrayed by the media and our popular culture (see my book) — but I am not ‘partisan’ in the electoral sense because I find my own views to be so far from what most modern political parties advocate that I rarely support any individual candidate, never mind any party platform.

© Copyright 2018, Augustus P. Lowell