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Who Am I?

I am (among other things):

  • Augustus Percival Lowell
  • Gus
  • Augie P.
  • A (late-late-)middle-aged man
  • A husband with a working professional wife
  • The father of two boys who attended both public and private schools, one of whom graduated from college a couple of years ago and the other of whom is still finishing
  • Co-owner (with my wife and the bank) of a house and some woods
  • An engineer, co-founder of a Silicon Valley consulting group specializing in development of science-based systems and products for medical, biotech, and industrial (and a few government) applications
  • A (amateur) theatrical lighting designer, set designer, and technical director
  • An (modestly successful) entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 12
  • A bad guitar player and a good singer
  • A native and resident of rural New England who has, nonetheless, lived at various times in locations as diverse as Boston and Florida and the Silicon Valley, in cities and in suburban sprawl.
  • A former Air Force officer who launched satellites into space
  • A graduate of a public elementary school, a private prep school (thank you scholarship), and a world-class university (thank you ROTC)
  • A (in my now distant youth) mean soccer fullback and a mean baseball catcher (who, alas, couldn’t hit a curveball…)
  • A former volunteer firefighter
  • An Eagle Scout
  • An American
  • The eldest son of the black-sheep scion of the black-sheep branch of a Boston Brahmin family
  • The child of an RN and a machinist/welder/mechanic/truck driver/junk man/entrepreneur
  • The grandchild of a Zoology professor and an artist, of a boat builder and a homemaker

My life has taken me from rural New England to Boston to the Florida spaceport to the Silicon Valley of California and back.

My career has taken me from weeding gardens and mowing lawns and shoveling manure and stacking hay bales and cutting cordwood to being a janitor and a dishwasher and a construction worker and a boat-builder and a tow-truck driver and a theater technician to military service to the Fortune 100 to bootstrapped startups to venture-backed startups to independent consulting to consulting as part of a larger group.

© Copyright 2022, Augustus P. Lowell