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Category: Social Security

Beating a Dead Horse: Social Security Edition

On 25 Feb 2009 the Boston Globe published a commentary by Alicia Munnell, a professor at Boston College, which explained why she thought that Social Security was not in trouble. As it happens, the same week Joe Conason’s column at Salon addressed pretty much the same topic and with the same general conclusion.

This week Salon published a pre-emptive strike by Michael Lind intended to minimize the impact of a dismal report by the Trustees of the Social Security Administration on the state of Social Security and Medicad by arguing that the Trustees got it wrong — that Social Security is fundamentally sound.

Once again I find myself amazed at the level of myopia the subject of Social Security elicits. And so once again I find myself trying to find a way to make people see what I see. I know, this is getting repetitive. But it’s important!

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Shameless Photo Op

I find The New York Times‘ indifference to the very real cash-flow obligations with which we are saddling our children and grandchildren dismaying. I wrote this as yet another attempt to convince them — and their equally insouciant readers — to take those obligations seriously.

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