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Here are quick links (in no particular order) to a few posts I’m most proud of or that I think are the most important for people to hear:

Socialism, Capitalism, and the Liberal Republic

Under Color of Authority

An Open Letter to the Republican Party and What Should ‘Conservatives’ be Worried About? and Most Republicans are No Longer Conservative

A debate question for the candidates: What is my “Fair Share”?

Was the American Civil War about “States Rights”?

Risk: Part 1: Tradeoffs and Value Judgements; Part 2: Fear and Control

Dialogue on Race and America’s Original Sin

Should Washington D.C. Be A State?

Cash For…

The “Public Spiritedness” of Government

Federal Aid to States and Federal Funding of… Everything

Taxes are the Price We Pay For…

Paula Jones (a #MeToo rant from 1998)

Guns and Gun Control

Citizens United

The Problem of Health Care

The ethics of “instant” news reporting

The Limits of Diplomatic Engagement

Bush/Kerry: The Security Debate


The “Injustice” of Non-Proliferation

The West Wing

Mathematical Illiteracy

Common Folk

Barack Obama and the Reverend Wright

Religion in Politics

Microsoft and Social Responsibility

Ideological Appointments

Double Standard on the Right?

Mandatory Seat Belts and Mandatory Seat Belts (Reprise)

Too Close to Call

Best Interests of the Child

Monica Lewinsky: The Press and The Scandal

Women and Children!

Why the Death Penalty? and Absolution and Responsibility

It Takes Money…

Clean Air Through the Looking Glass and Arsenic and Old Rhetoric and Why is the Right so hostile to Climate Change?

Scientific Faith?

Solar Power, Revisited

Fear the Opposition